Performance Management

Observing the present and determining the needs while focusing on doing the best and always planning the future. This how we changed, improved

Balanced Target Card

All our white collar workers have their sub-targets of customer, finance, process, learning and development to serve the main target with the balanced target card created according to corporate goals. These goals are reviewed by a top manager in the identified period. In the end of the year the competences required from the employee’s position are evaluated first by the employee and then face to face with the manager. Target results are evaluated to determine the rate of bonus while areas of improvement regarding competences are reviewed in personal development and annual education programs. The essential criteria for our blue collar employees to perform operational works are evaluated reviewed regularly every year.


  • Team Management
  • Improving Employees
  • Sharing Responsibilities
  • Inspiring Others
  • Innovate
  • Decision Making
  • Planning
  • Result Oriented
  • Customer Oriented
  • Collaborate