HR Approach

We inspire confidence to all our stakeholders, believe in and act upon our principles making us able to support all our business processes.

Being a company acting in accordance with company values, having a global point of view, being highly dedicated, and a preferred work place by value-added labor with its culture of creativity and high performance.

Having achieved successful results with the dedicated work and support of its people, Assan Hanil believes that the most important asset is human resources. Assan Hanil’s HR policy is in line with:

  • Hiring quality manpower having the essential knowledge and skills required by the job,
  • Providing an efficient working environment fostering communication and motivation and allowing all employees use their creativity and express their ideas,
  • Following participatory management policy hosting different perspectives and knowledge together,
  • Prioritizing personal and professional improvement of employees in order to support continuous learning and development,
  • Evaluating employee performance by objective criteria, reward and promote high performance,
  • Bringing innovative human resources practices to life and offering its employees the best.