Production Technologies

One of our core principles is to raise the Turkish Economy which creates power and resource to us. We are as faithful, excited and willing as the first day we started. And therefore, we not only produce in our country but also aim to be an international actor in the global market.

Paintshop Plant

Modern new generation production equipments are being used in our bumper paintshop plant which has started its operations in 2013. High efficiency and quality performance new generation application heads are being used in our plant that can paint in various colours with its fast colour changing ability. Our plant which does not allow manual applications is equipped with modern security systems considering worker health and occupational safety conditions. Our plant that use recycled air is environmental friendly with low energy consumption. Emission values are complied to EU norms with RTO systems and are controlled with continuous measurements.

Plastic Injection Machines

Assan Hanil owns injection machines with a closing force from 650 tons up to 3200 tons. All process parameters are followed by our control systems and kept under control. All injection machines used are environmental friendly with low energy consumption.

High Capacity Presses & Assembly Lines

In our production units with wide range of products such as instrument panel module systems, rug, ceiling assembly, there are pressers from 50 tons to 300 tons, robotic assembly systems, conveyor assembly lines and automation systems established for different purposes. All of our production units are equipped with systems that will ensure ergonomics and occupational safety.