R&D Laboratory

We seek and apply the best solutions with an enthusiasm to bring our work to perfection.

We increasingly continue to invest in our laboratories as an R&D Center registered by Ministry of Industry and Commerce in December 2010.

  • Verification of designed products is implemented by testing various test methods in Assan Hanil.
  • Within the frame of Legal Legislations, products are certified by implementing some tests in accredited external laboratories.
  • New products designed and tested that way duly fulfilling the expectations of customers providing ergonomic features and required safety conditions.

Additionally, reverse engineering work is carried out by means of a surface scanning device.

Main tests carried out in our laboratories:

  • Seat pull-off test (9-cylinder)
  • Rear push test
  • Headrest Energy Distribution Test
  • Rear Resistance Test
  • Drop Test
  • Free Swinging Stretch Test
  • Power Stretch Test
  • Get in&get off test
  • Fireproofing
  • Stiffness measurement(plastics)
  • Salt Test
  • Dust Test
  • Hot-Cold Change Test
  • Resistance to Heat (Aging)
  • Humidity and Temperature Cycle
  • Odor Test
  • 3 - Dimension Measurement
  • Reference Point Measurement (H-Point)
  • Bending the back seat strength
  • Source exposure test
  • Resistance to pull the seat forward
  • Headrest Pull-off Test
  • Folding Seat Life cycle Test
  • Plastic Parts Impact Resistance Test
  • Seat Back Loading Resistance Test
  • Lumber Support Resistance Test
  • Armrest Resistance Test
  • Seat Plastic Accessories Tensile Strength

Analyzing Capabilities

  • In every phase of design works, technical accuracy of design is controlled utilizing computer-based analyze solutions
  • Only designs yielding positive FEA (Management of Finite Elements Analysis) results are allowed to pass to prototype and physical test
  • Computer-aided engineering team can perform most of the legally required tests digitally, primarily ECE R-14, ECE R-17,
  • Besides modeling these type of tests, it is possible to perform many accident simulations, static and dynamic simulations, solutions for multi-system dynamics , multi-axial flexing simulations and life cycle tests digitally.
  • Results gained are correlated with real tests.
  • In addition to computer-aided engineering , analog data are transferred to digital environment using strain-gage and accelerometer and they are used within finite elements modules.