Training & Development System

Observing the present and determining the needs while focusing on doing the best and always planning the future. This how we changed, improved

  • At Assan Hanil where the target is consistent training and improvement while placing great importance to human resources, annual training programs are organized regarding employees’ demands, improvement fields required by the position, trainings required to achieve annual goals and personal and professional requirements.
  • This process is supported by mentoring and coaching as well as leadership development programs based on position and title.
  • At the end of training process, consistent development is aimed also in training organizations, considering assessments of participants regarding the training program.
  • Training requirements are determined for compulsory vocational trainings for hourly paid workers and for standards of heavy duties and dangerous labor and these trainings are organized via accredited institutions.

Development Process

As an extension of our work for institutionalization, our focus on human resources is to transform our company organization to a professional form while enabling every manager to become human resources manager of their units. We aim at making every manager responsible of their human resources in their department, assume responsibility for leadership in the company as well as the authority in leading future strategies for the company.

Our goals :

  • Establishing a common management culture
  • Bolstering a corporate culture that is open for improvement and capable of providing consistent development
  • Train leaders for Kibar Holding who will ensure success and carry the corporate to future generations
  • Providing consistent improvement in order to support being professional in their specialized fields

Programs to Train In-House Trainer

It is targeted to enhance in-house expertise , providing staff improvement by sharing funds of knowledge and keeping educational environment alive with the In-house Trainer Program.