We have never compromised the ethical values, environmental awareness, correctness, social responsibility and our sense of mission to future generations.

Environmental and OHS Applications

  • OHS and Environmental Wall
  • Personal Protective Hardware
  • Factory Security Tours
  • Paintshop Safety Automation Systems
  • Emergency Drills
  • Machine Safety Improvements
  • Environmental Accidents Emergency Cabinet
  • Continuous Emission Measurement System
  • Zero Accident Celebration Activities

Kibar Holding Ethical Values CLICK HERE TO VIEW

                                                                                    GÖRÜNTÜLEMEK İÇİN TIKLAYINIZ

Social Responsibility Projects

  • Kibar Angels
  • Bizimköy Handicapped Foundation
  • 8 Mart International Women’s Day
  • Stop Smoking Campaign
  • Participation in Running Races
  • Bookstore Project using Wastes


  • Taysad Useful Model Third Prize
  • ODTÜ Cristal Tree Prize
  • Hyundai Supplier Prize
  • New Generation Education Award of the Year