R&D Center

Our R&D center is registered within the scope of Law No.5476 on 21/12/2010 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.


Production Technologies

One of our core principles is to raise the Turkish Economy which creates power and resource to us. We are as faithful, excited and willing as the first day we started.



We have never compromised the ethical values, environmental awareness, correctness, social responsibility and our sense of mission to future generations.


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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be a global company and the sector leader in Turkey, providing its own unique solutions; focusing on safety, comfort and aesthetic for vehicles.

Our Mission

We are going to increase the satisfaction of our customers, shareholders and employees with innovative perspectives inspiring continuous improvement and including human and environment caring approach.

We are going to operate in a global market, near by our customers by using “R&D” and “investment” capabilities and sustaining our competitiveness.