HR Practices

Observing the present and determining the needs while focusing on doing the best and always planning the future. This how we changed, improved

Recruitment and Placement

Our recruitment and placement process is focused on offering fair and equal opportunities in accordance with legal applications for all applicants in order to recruit people who are capable to contribute to Assan Hanil’s success.


  • In The application process aiming to match the right applicant with the right job, Assan Hanil database, career portals and personal applications are evaluated for the preliminary interview.
  • Depending on the interview with Human Resources Department and division or unit managers, the eligible candidates take caution test, general ability test, foreign language test, character inventory and case studies.
  • The applicants approved by the department manager are proposed an offer after reference check and compensation negotiations
  • The applicant starts to work after accepting the job offer. Orientation and OHS trainings help the applicant adapt to work.

Internship Programs

K-Team Young Talents Program

We help university students be ready for the business and recruit young talents to join our company with the K-Team Young Talents Program. The successful K-Team members at the end of the program will join us according to requirements of both our company and Kibar Holding. The participants of K-Team Young Talents Program will experience real business life as a team member in the departments they took part and will have the opportunity to improve themselves by gaining on-the-job knowledge and experience. At the same time, within the frame of the program, young talents will join various trainings and prepare their own projects.

New Graduate Program

With Kibar New Graduate Program, we aim to recruit high-potential new young talents to our company every year in order to train future leaders for Assan Hanil.

Recruitment and Placement

  • At Assan Hanil where the target is consistent training and improvement while placing great importance to human resources, annual training programs are organized regarding employees’ demands, improvement fields required by the position, trainings required to achieve annual goals and personal and professional requirements.
  • This process is supported by mentoring and coaching as well as leadership development programs based on position and title.
  • At the end of training process, consistent development is aimed also in training organizations, considering assessments of participants regarding the training program.
  • Training requirements are determined for compulsory vocational trainings for hourly paid workers and for standards of heavy duties and dangerous labor and these trainings are organized via accredited institutions.

Kibar Career School

As an extension of our work for institutionalization, our focus on human resources is to transform our company organization to a professional form while enabling every manager to become human resources manager of their units. We aim at making every manager responsible of their human resources in their department, assume responsibility for leadership in the company as well as the authority in leading future strategies for the company. Within this scope, our Kibar Career School practice is commissioned with the cooperation of Sabancı University in which the content, context and period vary according to the employees’ levels.

Our goals :
  • Establishing a common management culture
  • Bolstering a corporate culture that is open for improvement and capable of providing consistent development
  • Train leaders for Kibar Holding who will ensure success and carry the corporate to future generations
  • Providing consistent improvement in order to support being professional in their specialized fields

Programs to Train In-House Trainer

It is targeted to enhance in-house expertise , providing staff improvement by sharing funds of knowledge and keeping educational environment alive with the In-house Trainer Program.

Performance Management

Balanced Target Card

All our white collar workers have their sub-targets of customer, finance, process, learning and development to serve the main target with the balanced target card created according to corporate goals. These goals are reviewed by a top manager in the identified period. In the end of the year the competences required from the employee’s position are evaluated first by the employee and then face to face with the manager. Target results are evaluated to determine the rate of bonus while areas of improvement regarding competences are reviewed in personal development and annual education programs. The essential criteria for our blue collar employees to perform operational works are evaluated reviewed regularly every year.


Kibar Leadership Competences formed by using internationally recognized systematic:
  • Building up trust
  • Customer Orientation
  • Result Orientation
  • Helping to Change
  • Building up Positive Business Relations

Compensation & Benefits

A job evaluation model considering knowledge and skills, problem solving, responsibility and a strategic, fair and dynamic wage management model parallel to this is applied. Also, our company provides bonuses, private health insurance (including spouse and children), social payments support and company car, fuel, company phone and phone line for some roles.

Compensation revision is performed once in a year for our monthly paid employees and subject to their service sector for our hourly paid employees.

Recognition and Reward

Forming a kaizen suggestion system to encourage employees to contribute constructive ideas to improve their work, to create opportunities for the employees to launch their ideas and healing processes, to reward and appreciate employees who contribute and apply ameliorating ideas.

In this system, the employees may make kaizen suggestion. The best kaizen suggestions in relevant business units are rewarded by the board in monthly, biannual and annual basis. Collecting kaizen points throughout the year, employees may choose rewards from the rewards catalogue matching with their points.