Every time we make a statement about our company, we consider it as a contract and
we reveal our perspective before commercial terms. We construct our principles prioritizing human facts.

Human Resources Policy

Having achieved successful results with the dedicated work and support of its people, Assan Hanil believes that the most important asset is human resources. Assan Hanil’s HR policy is in line with:

  • Hiring quality manpower having the essential knowledge and skills required by the job,
  • Providing an efficient working environment fostering communication and motivation and allowing all employees use their creativity and express their ideas,
  • Following participatory management policy hosting different perspectives and knowledge together,
  • Prioritizing personal and professional improvement of employees in order to support continuous learning and development,
  • Evaluating employee performance by objective criteria, reward and promote high performance
  • Bringing innovative human resources practices to life and offering its employees the best

ASHA Occupational Healt & Safety & Enviroment Policy

As performing our activites, Assan Hanil Otomotiv Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş., and its branches main target is that being sensitive to the environment, preventing pollution and providing health and safety criteria at the highest level and improving our environmental performance continually.

To achieve these targets;

  • To comply relevant OHS and environmental legal regulations and complying the all other requirements,
  • To increase the safety and environmental awareness of our employees, suppliers, subcontractors and our business,
  • Identifying and assessing hazards and risks and taking protective measures against them. Investigate technologies that can reduce risks to the lowest possible level.
  • To define work accidents, occupational diseases, environmental dimensions and emergency situations that may occur during our activities. To develop systems that will reduce the losses that may occur in the direction of our targets.
  • To use natural resources efficiently, to reduce substances that are harmful to the environment and human health or using them under the control.
  • To reduce waste on source, if possible recovering or ensuring proper disposal of the environment by establishing a waste management system.
  • To communicate with all relevant person, institute and authorities in order to develop our OHS and environmental systems, and to take necessary measures by assessing claims and inquiries.
  • To keep natural resource consumption, energy consumption and waste generation in minimum level for all our activities also considering life cycle.
  • To keep the emission values released to the atmosphere in control and also under the limit value.
  • To continuous improvement of environmental management system for improving the environmental performance.
  • We commit to keep our policy open to the public and to observe compliance with the policy.

Information Technologies Policy

As Assan Hanil Otomotiv San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.; IT security used for protecting electronic information assets of activities such as ISO/IEC 27001 scope, Logistics Planning, Shipping and Production Planning, Warehouse, Sales, Purchase, Financial Affairs, Finance, R&D, Maintenance, Budget and Reporting, Quality and STA, Project, Human Resources, Process Control and Improvement, Dyehouse, Environment and OHS, Information Systems, Material Planning, Method, Production services and information technologies;

We undertake;

  • to demonstrate the provision of information security in line with all related laws and legislations in the organization,
  • to measure information security process performance guaranteeing risk management and providing the organization of relations with third parties about information security related topics, *to support risks to be assessed, processed and improved in line with three main items of information security system “privacy, integrity and accessibility,
  • to keep motivation high with providing mutual trust, respect, love, understanding and communication between our employees and increasing employee satisfaction,
  • to give the necessary trainings to all process owners to provide continuous improvement and information security awareness under ISO 27001,
  • to support necessary investment as management in of security breaches.

Quality Policy

The basic principle of ASSAN HANİL Automotive Inc. is to achieve the perfesct businness results by aqcquiring “continuous improvement” as its main philosophy and as a result of this, to maximize the customer satisfaction.

In order to reach this aim we need to have;

  • Identify and analyze customer requirements with customer focused approach,
  • Employees that are highly trained, educated and participating,
  • Suppliers that are quality oriented and self-developing,
  • A top management that is Quality Management System oriented and able to utilize the data very efficiently,
  • Technological applications to ensure product quality and work safety,
  • A sincere respect for society and the environment and comply with law

As a natural result of this understanding we will achieve;
  • Competitive cost structure,
  • Zero defect both in products and processes,
  • Deliveries that are in-time and in required quantities.

We promise to work for these goals by getting better each day.